SimplePay is a web-based payroll system that offers SimpleSource payroll customers a flexible, easy-to-use yet powerful tool to manage and process payroll.

Benefits include:

  •  Highly configurable roles and permissions to control exactly who sees what information
  •  Ability to easily create and save the reports you want, the way you want them
  •  Ability to export your instant reports into common formats such as Excel, Word, pdf, HTML
  •  A single user interface for everyone in your organization that uses the system so that training and support of the system is significantly easier
  •  One single system and database for Time and Labor, Payroll and HR means never having to worry about out of sync or incomplete data
  •  Notifications to alert you of important events and remind you of upcoming critical tasks
  •  Powerful accrual, tax and reporting engines make sure your payroll is as accurate and complete as you require it to be

SimplePay, with the on-going support and service of SimpleSource, provides payroll, HR and finance departments the tools they need to reach the next level in productivity, efficiency and accuracy.

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